Mildly Interesting

Mildly interesting things Ive done.

Rust Embedded Unit Testing

Ive been messing around with embedded rust recently, using the BBC micro:bit as a learning platform. Its really cool to see a high level language achieving the same results as low level c. However, one of my favorite features of rust, the ease of unit testing, is a bit less straightforward to do in cross-compiled, no-std projects. Obviously we cant run tests on our local machine that rely on hardware only found on the target board, but most of a project is going to be logic independent of the hardware its running on....

2023-10-28 · Gabe Venberg

Dotfile Management with GNU Stow

So ive been using git to managing my dotfiles since [checks git log]…​ 2018. At first, I was going to write some inevitably brittle shell script to handle symlinking from the dotfile repo to where each file should be, but before I got about to implementing it, I discovered stow. Now, after using stow for dotfile management for over 5 years, I figure I should really document exactly how I go about managing my dotfiles, with an aim to help other people who want to have an easy to manage dotfiles repo that can be quickly deployed on new machines....

2023-7-29 · Gabe Venberg

Getting the Nextcloud client to save login info on arch linux (or any barebones linux distro)

During the 5 or so years Ive had nextcloud, Ive always been quite happy with the webclient, but the device clients…​ need some work. I recently figured out how to resolve one of my biggest pain points on the Linux desktop client, and am recording it here, mostly so I dont forget next time I setup a new computer, and to save others with the same problem from endless forum post and GitHub issue crawling....

2021-12-12 · Gabe Venberg

Mapping caps lock to ctrl in the TTY

In the past 2 years or so, I have been using my caps lock key as a separate ctrl key on my desktop keyboard. This is very easy to do in X11 with a setxkmap command. However, with my laptop, I try to run without X as much as possible. (Ive found it make a nice, distraction free environment, and it seems to be pretty good for battery life)...

2021-5-23 · Gabe Venberg

Archlinux install with btrfs, systemd-boot, full-disk encryption, and suspend-to-disk

Ive been using Arch Linux for several years now. Of course, my first installs were…​ blunderous, as i wanted to do full disk encryption from the get-go, and I didnt know what I was doing. After those first one or two installs, I generally settled on LVM on LUKS with a GRUB bootloader and my swap on an LVM volume, mostly because it makes it much easier to setup hibernation/suspend to disk vs, say, a swap file....

2021-4-11 · Gabe Venberg