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Contact info

Work Experience

John Deere

Embedded Linux Engineer
August 2023–current

  • Develop Linux distributions for embedded systems with Yocto
  • Develop Linux hardware drivers for embedded system
  • Develop python based Hardware In the Loop testing.
  • Use Git to collaborate across teams


Embedded Systems Intern
Summer 2023

  • Implemented and ran functional testing on embedded Linux product, including designing test fixtures using Raspberry Pis to automate testing of electrical properties and RF connectivity

Kata Containers

Capstone Student
Spring Semester 2023

  • Implemented a Rust-based log parser for the Kata Containers project, including writing unit tests, integrating the tool with existing codebase, and implementing suggestions from code reviewers.
  • Collaborated using the GitHub workflow, chat rooms, and video chat remotely and across 8+hr timezone difference.

Corvent Medical

Software Engineering Intern
Summer 2022

  • Wrote python scripts to translate requirements from word documents into a format understood by a propriatary requirements analysis tool.
  • Performed requirements analysis, wrote and performed software and hardware test procedures, and analyzed test coverage to enable regulatory approval of new medical device.


Computer Technician
Summer 2021

  • Performed troubleshooting and repair on warrantied computers.
  • Helped customers with a variety of problems over email, phone, and instant messaging.

NDSU Precision Agriculture Center

Part time Developer

  • Implemented methods of preprocessing LIDAR data with python for a project to predict crop yield using machine learning.

Integrated Networking

Tier 1 and 2 Tech

  • Performed troubleshooting, repairs, and upgrades on customer computers.
  • Performed network setup for institutional and home networks.
  • Estimated cost of customer solutions, including researching and comparing price across vendors.
  • Implemented a variety of more complex ‘one off’ projects for clients with specific needs.



BS in Computer Science Fargo, North Dakota

Graduated 2023

Alexandria Community College

General Ed Associates Degree Alexandria, Minnesota

Graduated 2020


  • Rust
  • Python
  • Java
  • Bash
  • C
  • Git version control system.
  • Linux administration
  • Embedded Linux
  • Network administration
  • VM management
  • Computer repair
  • LaTeX document markup language
  • Googling 😉

Other Experience


Home Linux Lab

Run a home network consisting of 2 physical servers and 6 virtual machines doing a variety of tasks, such as a DNS, an NGINX reverse proxy, and several web servers serving static and dynamic content. Currently running: Nextcloud, GitTea, PiHole, Mainsail, and this static website.

Open Source Development

Contributor to various open source projects

Have contributed patches of a variety of sizes to open source projects including Python and Kata Containers.

National Cyber League

Four-time competitor in the National Cyber League
2021, ‘22, and ‘23

Competed for NDSU in the bi-annual National Cyber League in individual and team games, placing in the top 500 individuals and top 200 teams nationwide for three competitions.